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Birthdate:Oct 15
Cat of Shades, Kitty, Cheshire

Biol Family:
Mother, father, older brother and his wife, much older sister and her husband.
We get along well. We're all a bunch of introverts, and I don't keep in close contact with the sibs. We do share a lot of interests, we just don't go out of our ways to actually share them with each other. It's a shame, but I'm kind of shy about fixing it.

Family of the Heart: (The peeps I live with)
Fiancee: EstelRaca/EstelWolfe. If you haven't read any of her writings yet, then do yourself a treat and look her up. It's a serious crime that she hasn't been published yet.
Brother-in-Spirit: GuardianBeast. We share some bizarre things in common, hence the title. S/he's an amazing artist, so go check out the deviantart page.
Close Friend and Roomie: The most normal of us. He holds up well to our oddities, though. Gamer, anime/toku fan, and the single nicest guy I've ever met. Period.

Too many. Biology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Japanese, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Music, Art, Fiction (Sci-fi and Fantasy), Creative Writing, Paranormal Research (because I think that "we don't know what it is" is a pretty piss poor excuse to not study it), Anime, Musicals, Japanese/American/British Fantasy and Sci-fi TV, Fictional Characters That I Get Way Too Attached To, etc

Genderqueer. Fairly androgynous, but slightly to the male side. More of a boyish male, than a manly-man male. But certainly not feminine or effeminate.

Pansexual. I'm attracted by heart, soul and mind, not gender.

Most of my education and work history has been in the sciences. But, I don't think that science and religion should be as mutually exclusive and incompatible as they're so often treated. I can sum up my view as: If ______ hasn't been actually disproven, I tend to believe that it's possible. Not necessarily true or real, but possible.
I maintain my own individually constructed spirituality without adhering to any one official religion. There are elements of Wicca that appeal to me, as I do base a fair bit of my own spirituality around nature. I do believe in reincarnation, and I don't believe that past lives are limited to being human.

Otherkin. More specifically, fae-kin. It's a looong story. And involves weird ass dreams.
Closest match I've ever found is the Puca/Pooka, though not so much the "horse form" aspect of it. The forms I've dreamt of have mainly been human: black-haired, boyish featured male between the ages of 10 and 25, often with a small/slight build. Grinning and creepy. Dark, potentially dangerous, but not malevolent. And most certainly a trickster. <3
In rarer instances he's/I've been a black wolf or cat, and I'd be willing to bet crow is on the list as well.

Recovering from a serious anxiety disorder. It had me knocked out for about a year (staring at the floor all day unable to do anything levels of knocked out). It's a combo of social and general anxiety, panic disorder, and OCD. Thanks to some medication, the support of my families and friends, and a long, slow recuperation period, I'm on the way back up from it. Not perfect. But starting to feel like I might be able to function in a normal life again. It's wonderful.
Also, job hunting. It sucks. Especially after my health has been so shaky. But a fair question of identity is involved in it for me, so I really need to resolve the issue.

I'd say that's pretty thorough. Any questions, anything about my background that catches your interest? Let me know, we can chat.
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